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This UV stabilised air and water permeable fabric is specifically designed as a hydrophobic anti-evaporation material for use in outdoor applications for up to four years, depending on weight of material (GSM) and spesific exposure conditions. Unlike plastic film, this biodegradable material’s higher resistance makes it last longer. Good perviousness of the weed matt ensures air, water and fertiliser reaches the plant base, maintain root humidity while optimising growth.

50 gsm OSAM Mulch Mats

Recommended for one year crops like vegetables

85 gsm OSAM Mulch Mats

Recommended for vineyards and orchards for up to 3 years lifetime

120 gsm OSAM Mulch Mats

Recommended where up to 4 years product life is required.


  • Superior non-woven fabric
  • High tensile strength and puncture resistance
  • Suppresses weed growth, save on herbicides
  • Advances soil temperatures
  • Increases water and fertiliser absorbtion
  • Reduces evaporation where up to 50% less evaporation is observed compared to uncovered areas
  • Better plant growth and yield
  • Biodegradable material


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