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The Fischer BV2 with Twister W2 combination is currently the favoured vineyard and orchard mower in Europe and represents the latest in technology of mechanical weed control. One of its most distinctive attributes is the hydraulic deck-expansion technology used that makes this the most versatile mower for different row-widths. The Fischer BV2 with Twister W2 can be operated at speeds of four to six kilometers per hours. The TWISTER brushes are hydraulically powered and are individually liftable to adjust to an appropriate angle for cleaning up side terraces and small embankments. Three different brush cord grades are available for various applications, comprising 8mm heavy duty weeding twine with a KEVLAR core. With this system you can do three jobs with one tractor pass: mow and mulch the inter-row, gently clean up undervine and around posts and light row terracing and remove basal water-shoots.

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BV2 technical data:

  • Working width: 160 – 230cm
  • Number of rotors: 2
  • Number of blades: 4
  • Tractor Hp: 40 - 80
  • Weight: 580Kg

Twister W2 technical data:

  • Head rotation: 1800rpm
  • Head lenght: 334mm or 550mm
  • Hydraulic oil capacity: 50-60L/min
  • Tractor Hp: 40 - 80

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