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Mechanical soil cultivation has never been easier, you can now prepare seed beds with perfect level top soil without compacting the ground using the Clemens Power Harrow with vertically rotating blades. The power harrow can be used with a packing roller or for finer cultivation a cage roller for breaking up soil clumps. Clemens power harrow delivers a high degree of soil loosening and aeration. For optimum results it is important not to cultivate soil during extreme conditions e.g. when it is too wet or the ground is very grassy and overgrown.

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  • Depth adjustment via central adjustment in the middle
  • Attachment point of the lower links can be adjusted for off-centre travel
  • Working widths of 1,000 mm, 1,300 mm, 1,500 mm and 1,750 mm.
  • Cage roller or packer roller, Guttler roller
  • Optional electrically driven sowing machine
  • Front tool: ploughshare handle 70 x 20 with chisel or wing share

Technical data:

  • Input speed, rpm: 540
  • Power requir. HP/kW: 40/30
  • Tractor rating: 30 to 50HP


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