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The Clemens Eco Roll mulcher can be incorporated into any agricultural process with ease. Alien vegetation is pressed down as the spades attached to the roller bend and cut down the stems and leaves. Creating a loose covering which is naturally incorporated into the soil by earthworms and other organisms. Mulching helps retain soil moisture, regulate soil temperature and suppress weed growth dramatically.

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Available sizes:

  • Eco roll 400* is 485mm wide and weighs 50kg**
  • Eco roll 600* is 685mm wide and weighs 75kg**
  • Eco roll 800* is 885mm wide and weighs 100kg**
  • Eco roll 1000 is 1085mm wide and weighs 275kg
  • Eco roll 1200 is 1285mm wide and weighs 310kg
  • Eco roll 1300 is 1385mm wide and weighs 346kg
  • Eco roll 1400 is 1485mm wide and weighs 355kg
  • Eco roll 1500 is 1585mm wide and weighs 386kg
  • Eco roll 1600 is 1685mm wide and weighs 394kg
  • Eco roll 1800 is 1895mm wide and weighs 433kg
  • Eco roll 2000 is 2095mm wide and weighs 525kg
  • * (for high clearance tractor)
  • ** (without frame)

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