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We recently paid a visit to Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. 

Empangeni is one of the parts that is well-known for the production of sugar cane, avocadoes, mangoes and bananas.

Well-drained soils and temperatures of 16-25˚C ensure that tropical plants in the area flourish. The climate and the soil are also perfect for the production of macadamia nuts – and its cultivation has shown unprecedented growth. Some farmers whose farms are big enough, cultivate both sugar cane and macadamias.

ideal perfection and macadamia treesMacadamia trees take approximately six years from planting date to reach full production and for the investment to start paying dividends. For this reason, it is good business practice to grow some type of cash crop to fund the initial financial outlay.

The stage from planting to the first fertiliser application must be carefully handled. Time management is critical to prevent damage to the young tree’s root development that could limit growth.

Trees are planted with wide spaces between rows. Because macadamia trees can also become quite tall, the IDEAL Perfection 2000lt with hops conveyer that can spray trees that are up to 12m tall and 8m apart is the perfect sprayer for the macadamia farmer.

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