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The ES 100 M2 single disk spreader is perfect for use on rotational and permanent uncultivated land for the broadcasting of slug pellets, grass seeds and related granulates. The working width of the ES 100 M2 can be continually shifted, ensuring easy adaptability to various situations. The wide variety of mounting kits makes this spreader easily mountable on tractors, quad bikes or bakkies

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Technical data:

  • Working width
    1 - 27 m
  • Dimensions
    H 90 cm, W 52 cm, D 60 cm
  • Seed tank
    Plastic tank with 105 l capacity
  • Net weight
    29 kg
  • Power supply
    12 V / 25 A
  • 15° inclined spreader disc with 3 adjustable vanes
  • Control point adjustment for adaption of scatter distribution
  • Automatic slide-valve sensor


The light weight and compact KS 40 M2 is a multipurpose spreader, that can easily be mounted to tractors, quad bikes or golfcaddies. A 12 volt motor and cab mounted control box drives the spreader disc, enabling the driver to regulate the RPM and change the spreading width while the tractor is in motion. The KS 40 M2 spreader comes standard with a simple, quick mount kit.

Technical SheetUser Guides

Technical data:

  • Working width
  • 1 - 12 m
  • Dimensions
  • H 60 cm, W 45 cm, D 60 cm
  • Seed-tank
  • Plastic tank with 40 l capacity
  • Net weight
  • 19 kg
  • Power supply
  • 12 V / 25 A

Control box functions:

  • Automatic starter
  • Controls spreader disc and slide valve
  • RPM control
  • Easy-to-regulate spreader disc


The main focus of APV is to develop and manufacture innovative agricultural machinery to spread slug pellets, and fertiliser granules and plant seeds. We know that these products are expensive to apply, but with APV’s machines fitted to your quad bike or tractor, you can rest assured that they will be applied with maximum efficiency.

Quality assurance and efficiency take the top priority in APV’s philosophy. Click here for more information.

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