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The Powercoup battery-powered saw is ideal for any pruning work whether it be in forestry, olive-growing or fruit orchards. With the Powercoup’s exceptional cutting quality trees are less likely to develop diseases. Being battery operated the saw is also quite with no emissions. Used with or without an extension pole; for work that involves cuttings at a height or close to you, this machine is versatile and easy to use. An optional hedge trimmer head is available for landscaping teams working in noise-sensitive environments like apartment buildings and business parks.


Technical data:

  • Battery & waistcoat weight - 2,9kg
  • Battery - Ni-Mh
  • Battery voltage - 48v
  • Battery life - 3 hours
  • Charging time - 5 hours
  • Battery warranty 12 months


The A3M Infaco electric tying device is a time and energy saver when trellising vineyards or orchards. The A3M is a twelve volt battery operated machine, that uses soft steel wire capable of holding the vine until harvesting, there after degrading and finally falling away before pruning the following year. The straightforwardness of the system makes it very economical and easy to operate - With a pull of the trigger the machine grabs, twists, and cuts the wire around the vine or branch you want to trellis. Once you start using the A3M tying device, you will experience first hand how much time is really saved. Clients have reported that their tying time was cut in half by using the Infaco A3M. This machine will easily pay for itself in the first season of use.


Technical data:

  • Weight of tying device - 650g
  • Weight of battery - 620kg
  • Weight of cover - 230g
  • Reel weight - 100g
  • Aperture diameter - 30mm
  • Available wire diameters:
  • Battery voltage - 12v
  • Battery life - 7000 ties
  • Charging time - 5 hours
  • Battery warranty 12 months



The ELECTROCOUP F3015 electric pruning shear will once again set new bench marks in the industry. A tool designed for pruning professionals, the F3015 has evolved from its predecessors to be a more reliable and high-quality tool, preferred by users throughout the world. High quality materials have been selected with the utmost care in developing this new model. Extended Research & Development has helped achieve a light and compact body on the new generation of tools. The new tools have been designed to run on a new “Brushless Motor” technology powered by a futuristic Lithium-Ion battery. The aluminium body (made of a special alloy used in aeronautics) holds and keeps together most components in the pruning shear and is now covered by a lifetime warranty.

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Technical data:

  • Weight of shear - 790g
  • 120Wh LITHIUM Battery
  • Weight of battery - 810g
  • Weight of waistcoat - 510g
  • Max. blade opening (standard) - 60mm
  • Cutting capacity (standard) - 40mm
  • Battery voltage - 48v
  • Battery pack autonomy - 9 hours
  • Charging time - 90 Minutes


Infaco invented the world's first electronic pruning shears in 1984. Their range of top-quality specialised tools include four products specifically designed for use in vineyards and orchards:

  • electronic pruning shears
  • electric saws
  • electronic vibrating olive harvesters
  • electronic thinners.

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